The Academic Success Initiative (ASI) is a tutoring and mentoring program at the Knight Foundation School of Computing and Information Sciences. Our ambassadors are exposed to a myriad of professional development opportunities that ensures career-readiness. Our mission is to lead and foster a culture of academic excellence among SCIS students and thereby improving retention and graduation rates at FIU.

  • ASI has rescued students from the dark side of warning or probation status by renewing their passion for academic excellence.
  • ASI Created a program for tutoring and mentoring fellow students in the advising center to help them with the challenges of Computer Science and Information Technology courses.
  • ASI established a model for students to gain not only leadership skills, but also to equip them with the necessary skills to enter the corporate world.
  • ASI provides opportunity to have either a volunteer position, or a paid position as a tutor.
  • ASI offers workshops to assist students with study skills, time management, test anxiety, stress management, etc.


The Knight Foundation School of Computing and Information Sciences was formed in 1987 from the former Department of Mathematical Sciences. The mission of the School has several dimensions, consistent with the overall mission of the University and consistent with its role as part of the College of Engineering and Computing.

  • High Quality Undergraduate Program
  • Graduate Degree Programs for MS and PhD
  • Basic and Applied Research in CS
  • Provide Course work & Support for Non-CS Students
  • Respond to needs of local & regional industry/govt.
  • Provide Technical expertise to entire University


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