Here we will recognize excellent ASI Ambassadors and Alumni.

1. Astrid Rivera

Microsoft Explorer Intern 2018

Astrid Rivera is an ASI Ambassador since Fall 2017. She is the Secretary for Academic Success Initiative. As a sophomore, she was accepted into the Microsoft Explorer Intern program for Summer 2018. We are very proud of her achievements.

2.  Rahul Mittal

Discovery Lab Research Intern

Today we want to give a shoutout to our new President Rahul Mittal. He has showed us all that talent and excellence know no age requirement or background preference. His inspirational words in his article “I am a Freshman So What?” have inspired many people all over FIU. We are very proud of you and may your success be eternal. Link to site: 

3. Cesar Vila-Garcia

Cesar Vila-Garcia is an ASI Alumni who served as the Marketing Director until Fall 2017. As a rising senior, he was accepted into the Chase Summer Internship Program for 2018. He is also the President for the Honor Society, Upsilon Pi Epsilon at FIU. We are very proud of his accomplishments

4. Brian LaRusso

5. Josue Mirtil

Ultimate Software

6. Pablo Mueller


7. Sheila Alemany

Discovery Lab, NAVY, MIT