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COP 2210 – Programming 1 A first course in computer science that uses a structured programming language to study programming and problem solving on the computer. Includes the design, construction and analysis of programs. Student
participation in a closed instructional lab is required.

COP 3337 – Programming 2 An intermediate level course in Object-Oriented programming. Topics include primitive types, control structures, strings, arrays, objects and classes, data abstraction inheritance polymorphism and an introduction to data structures.

COP 4338 – Computer Programming III Programming in C and advanced programming in Unix environments, including multiprocessing and multi-threading.

COP 2250 – Programming in Java A first course in Programming for IT majors. Syntax and semantics of Java. Classes and Objects. Object Oriented program development. Not acceptable for credit for Computer Science majors.

COP 3804 – Intermediate Java A second course in programming. Continues Programming in Java by discussing object-oriented programming in more detail, with larger programming projects and emphasis on inheritance. Not acceptable for credit for CS majors.

COP 3530 – Data Structures and Algorithms Basic concepts of data organization, running time of a program, abstract types, data structures including linked lists, n-ary trees, sets and graphs, internal sorting.

COT 3100 – Discrete Structures Align mathematical and computational concepts by applying computing to propositional logic, sets, functions relations, induction, recursion, combinatorics, Boolean algebra, graph and trees

CDA 4101 – Structured Computer Organization Covers the levels of organization in a computer. Design of memory, buses, ALU, CPU; design of micro-program. Covers virtual memory, I/O, multiple processes, CISC, RISC and parallel architectures.

COT 3100 – Intro To Micro Comp A hands-on study of microcomputer software packages for applications such as operating system, word processing, spreadsheets, and database management.

MAD 2104 – Discrete Mathematics ┬áSets, functions, relations, permutations, and combinations, propositional logic, matrix algebra, graphs and trees, Boolean algebra, switching circuits.