How do I register for tutoring?

You just have to follow these 5 easy step and you will be all set.

Where is my session located?

Every time you have a session you should go to the Advising Center located in PG6 room 100. When you arrive, you should inform the front desk of your session and the receptionist will give you your room numbers.

I just requested tutoring, when do I start?

Tutoring request take from 3 to 5 business days to be processed and scheduled. After this time has passed, you will get an email with your session time, tutor name and start date.

Are one-to-one sessions a one time event?

Sessions are weekly events that will occur throughout the semester, unless stated otherwise.

How much do sessions cost?

All sessions and ASI events are free of charge.

I want to miss a session, what do I do?

Please kindly contact your tutor ahead of time.

I am having problems with my portal, who do I contact?

Please let us know of your issue at and we will help you out.

I want to become part of ASI, what should I do?

On the menu bar of this page, click Careers and fill out the Ambassador or Volunteer Application to get started.

I have checked the portal many times looking for a class, but all I can see are “No Time Available.” I need help with this class, what should I do

First, let us know of your concern at Then, keep checking the portal to see if more times become available.

Do I need to have any GPA requirements in order to receive tutoring?

No GPA or grade requirements have to be met to receive tutoring.

What are the requirements to get tutoring with ASI?

To be elegible to receive tutoring, you have to be majoring or minoring in Computer Science or Information Technology. However, if you are in the process of transferring to any of these majors/minors, and are in need of help, you are welcome to receive all the tutoring you need.

Will any of my information be released/discussed openly?

No, your information will not be used, shared or discussed with anyone. We respect privacy rights.

I need to terminate my sessions, who should I contact?

Please notify your tutor of your need to terminate the tutoring service. You can also contact us at and we will take care of this situation.

Do we have to be part of ASI to attend any event?

No, if you want to attend any of our events, please read the flyers or posters carefully and follow their steps.