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As you may know the Academic Success Initiative (ASI) offers free tutoring, both in groups or personalized one-to-one sessions, for Computer Science and Information Technology students!

The complete and official schedule for Group Sessions are as follows:

Session DescriptionRelated CoursesStart TimeEnd TimeDay of the Week
Programming ICOP 2210, COP 22509:00 AM11:00 AMMonday
Programming ICOP 2210, COP 22506:00 PM8:00 PMMonday
Programming ICOP 2210, COP 225011:00 AM1:00 PMTuesday
Programming IICOP 3337, COP 380412:00 PM2:00 PMTuesday
Fundamentals of Computer SystemsCDA 31031:00 PM3:00 PMTuesday
Programming ICOP 2210, COP 22502:00 PM4:00 PMTuesday
Discrete MathematicsMAD 21043:00 PM5:00 PMTuesday
Probability And Statistics for CSSTA 30333:00 PM5:00 PMTuesday
Programming ICOP 2210, COP 225012:00 PM2:00 PMWednesday
Calculus IMAC 231112:00 PM2:00 PMWednesday
Logic for Computer ScienceCOT 35414:00 PM6:00 PMWednesday
General Database TechniquesCOP 4703, COP 471010:00 AM12:00 PMThursday
Data StructuresCOP 353010:00 AM12:00 PMThursday
Fundamentals of Computer SystemsCDA 31031:00 PM3:00 PMThursday
Discrete Mathematics (Summer A)MAD 21041:00 PM3:00 PMThursday

In addition to these group sessions, you may also sign up for more personalized One-to-One Sessions at:

These courses are not the easiest. Finding tutoring for them elsewhere is not always the easiest either. At the PG6 Tech Station we offer FREE tutoring for you all! Take advantage!

Free Tutoring for FIU CS and IT Students!