%22Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.%22


The famous scientist Albert Einstein once said “Anyone who has never made  a mistake has never tried anything new”. This, although simple, is a very powerful statement. We cannot deter from our dreams simply because when we tried, we made a mistake which discouraged us. Mistakes are inevitable.

As Computer Science and Information Technology students, we will face moments in our academic careers where we will make mistakes. Lots of them. It is important to not let the frustration and disappointment discourage us from accomplishing what we want.

Sometimes it will feel tougher than other times, the Academic Success Initiative (ASI) is always here to lend you a hand and pick you up when you feel you’ve made a mistake. We offer group sessions and more personalized one-to-one tutoring sessions at PG6 Tech Station Room 100 for FREE! Along with hosting multiple workshops and activities to help you make less mistakes.

You can walk in for group tutoring at any time that the group sessions are available or you can sign up for the one-to-one sessions here and follow the steps.

Stay connected with ASI to be notified of any workshops or extra/added group sessions through our social media platforms:

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Don't Give Up!