Good Afternoon Panthers!

The Academic Success Initiative (ASI) is going to be implementing short video lectures for many of the courses that we offer free tutoring for. This is intended to help those Computer Science and Information Technology students who may not be able to attend many group sessions or one-to-one sessions due to hectic schedules.

If you have any topics in mind for any of the following courses, feel free to send your questions and suggestions to our email.

The courses are:

  • Programming 1
  • Programming 2
  • Fundamentals of Computer Systems
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Probability and Statistics for Computer Science
  • Math for Information Technology
  • Logic for Computer Science
  • Database Management
  • Data Structures

We are asking for this from the students to make sure we can target what the students need most. Even if you already took the course, feel free to let us know which topics or areas were most difficult for you! Any general topics or specific questions are welcome!

Our email is:

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Bit Lectures Coming Soon!