booksIt’s finals week so get your game face on! With so little time and so much material to cover, you want to be as efficient as possible when combing through your notes. Here are some tips to help you stay focus and get through this week.

Organize your schedule 

We all have had our times when we procrastinate and end up doing things last minute. Scheduling your time for studying and play time helps you stay focus but still give you motivation to finish and get to the fun part. Maintaining a healthy work/play ratio (even if that ratio is 80/20 during finals) will help make adhering to that schedule much easier.

Turn off everything from the outside world

Now-a-days we have Netflix, Facebook and Twitter to distract us from doing what we are suppose to do. Whenever you study turn off everything (Yes, even your phone) to focus on studying instead of checking which of the Kardashians made a fool of them selfs this time.

Don’t have a study group with friends

Study groups might be fun but it won’t help you focus. Instead of studying you will probably end up talking about the last episode of that awesome show you all like. Unless everyone is committed to saving the chit-chat until after the study session, it may be wiser to study by yourself.

Sleep is necessary

We know that during finals we don’t know what the word “sleep” means but we need it. Drowsiness will only prevent you from absorbing information to the best of your ability. Try and get at least 6 hours of sleep per night to avoid falling asleep during your exam.

Take breaks

Your productivity may actually increase if you take a break every 50 minutes of studying. The reason why you’re probably  having trouble focusing might be because you’re due for a study break. Try to keep your breaks short, a 15 minute break should be enough to relax yourself without getting distracted.

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Study Tips of the Week – How to Stay Focused