Hello Panthers,

Today is the first day of Summer B classes. Since today is the first day, make sure you take the time to schedule your week and make an effort to study everyday for at least 1 hour. Don’t procrastinate and get a early head start and studying. Also, for the Summer C students mid-term week is upon us. We offer free one-to-one and group tutoring sessions for CS/IT students.

You can walk in for group tutoring at any time that the group sessions are available or you can sign up for the one-to-one sessions here and follow the steps.

Stay connected with ASI to be notified of any workshops or extra/added group sessions through our social media platforms:

Facebook: facebook.com/FIU.ASI

Instagram: instagram.com/FIU_ASI

Twitter: twitter.com/fiu_asi

We hope you have a wonderful first week,


Summer B Begins Today!