Join us for Social Tech Live July 16 & 17 at FlU College of Business Complex.

The Marketing Department is excited to be hosting “Social Tech Live” a two day conference for the Miami Community with a focus on social media, technology, business and marketing.  This is a collaboration between the Social Tech Live Team, StartupFIU, College of Business and the College of Engineering and Computing.

We will have over 50+ speakers and a goal of 400+ attendees.

Our Keynote Speaker Fady Saad from MIT and MassRobotics will be speaking at 11:00 AM Sat. July 16th on his research on “Systems-Based Approach to Startups: Why They Fail and How They Can Succeed”.

We are thrilled to have the Social Media Association, American Marketing Association and Sales Club participating in panel discussions at the event.  Thank you Wendy Guess, Anna Pietraszek and Rafael Soltero for speaking and your support for the event.

What can you do to help?  Please encourage students, alums and professionals to attend the event. If you are teaching summer classes if you could offer extra credit for volunteering that would be very helpful. Please share the below information in class, on blackboard, and via email with students.

Join us for Social Tech Live July 16 & 17 (9 am – 6 pm) at FlU College of Business Complex.  This is a 2 Day conference focused on social media, business and technology.  We will have over 50+ speakers and 400+ attendees. Speakers are from MIT, MassRobotics, IBM, Miami Herald, rbb Communications, NBC Universal and more.

  • 35% Off Tickets are available at http://www.socialtechlive.com/conference-info/buy-tickets/ using the discount code FIUSMA.
  • FIU Students, Staff or Alums who volunteer 4 hours of their time may attend ALL portions of the conference for FREE. Volunteers should register here.
  • We will be hosting a FREE “Innovation Challenge” sponsored by IBM at the Tech Station which will be on Sat1-6 pm.  Students or professionals interested in participating in the “Innovation Challenge” register here.
  • For more information about the conference visit www.socialtechlive.com
Social Tech Live on July 16-17 @ FIU