ar134783823023077Many students prefer not taking notes during lectures for various reasons. They claim that it distracts them from listening to the lecture or that writing down what the professor writes doesn’t help them if they don’t understand. However that is not necessarily true. Taking notes in class is important because:

  1. The student is forced to listen carefully and critically to what is being said. (When taking efficient notes and not simply writing down every word the professor says but rather writing their own explanation/interpretation of every topic.)
  2. Taking notes aids comprehension and retention. Personal notes in one’s own writing are easier (way easier) to understand and remember than texbook material.
  3. Lecture notes represent a concise and complete outline of the most important points and ideas, especially those considered most important by the professor which is fundamental when midterms and final are around the corner.
  4. Lecture notes clarify ideas not fully understood in the text or elaborate on things that the text mentions only briefly.
  5. Lecture notes combined with notes from textbook material are an excellent source of review. It allows for more effective and efficient study time.

    If you are one these students that prefers not taking notes in class, with the following information given above, consider taking notes. It might just be one of the most impactful decisions you make for your educational career.

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Study Tip of the Week – Why Take Notes?