We tend to procrastinate A LOT! Take advantage of all the extra time you have this summer to properly plan yourself in order to be as productive as possible. An extraordinary individual commonly referred to as the founder of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Alan Turing, once said “We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty that needs to be done”.

Typically, I like to write a little to-do list of things I’d want to get done and just go marking them off as they get done. Even if it’s something simple like “send so-and-so an email” or “put laundry to wash”, the feeling I get once I mark things off motivates me to accomplish everything off my list.

The most important and hardest thing to not procrastinate is studying. Occasionally, it’s more difficult for students to study by themselves at home rather than at school or with a group of friends. The Academic Success Initiative (ASI) offers FREE group sessions in amazing individual rooms at the PG6 Tech Station Room 100 and, FREE one-one-sessions with an available tutor if you need more personalized help studying for your CS/IT courses.

Your productivity is reflected in your grades.

In this atmosphere, you’ll be motivated to study. Once exams turn the corner, you’ll be ready and there won’t be any additional anxiety or stress due to these exams.

You can sign-up for our one-to-one sessions here, and the schedule for when the group sessions are available here.


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How To Not Procrastinate